Baldwin upright piano serial number

Sep 17, 2019 · All Baldwin Upright or Vertical Pianos - Does not include Hamilton Studios or Baldwin Grand Pianos. Grand Piano Absolutely Gorgeous Polished Ebony Finished NT$150,000 Jhongjheng District Alex. Steinbach Grand piano, absolutely gorgeous 5.7 feet (172 c.m.) polished ebony finish in excellent, like-new condition. The Guinness World Record for the largest number of people playing pianos was born! 777 Hailun pianos were placed for this event which equaled the length of more than 1,600 kilometers and a total … Serial Number: C317389. Model: Grand. Style: Grand. Color: Polished Ebony. Size: 6'1" Status: Available. Price Range: Over $10,000. Make: Baldwin These pianos are refined totally, structurally impeccable, and technologically advanced. The instruments have been tuned, regulated, and voiced by a Registered Piano Technician of the PIano Technicians Guild to perform at a superior level as expected from such pianos. Mason & Hamlin. Model A 5’8” Walnut Serial #71986 I found the mfr. date based on the serial number, and such info is Blue Book of Pianos Also, it turns out Baldwin always stamped the manufacture date on the Hard Maple Wood Action Rail on its upright pianos (see picture I took from my Baldwin). This is true whether the upright is a spinet, a console, or a studio. Baldwin Upright Pianos. All Baldwin uprights use only the highest quaility materials. Their Mapes or Roslau strings boast a longer speaker length for the breed, enabling a deep bass and rich tone, enhanced by the purity and balance of 100% virgin wool hammers. Grand Pianos. Full Conservatory Grands (5'9" - 6'2") Baldwin L ES. Baldwin L ES. Categories: Full ... Additional information. Serial Number: L136027. Brand: Baldwin ... Each piano is manufactured with a unique serial number that is recorded for future reference of not only when it was made but also where. Discover your Piano's Age and Country Of Origin with our 5 Star Accuracy Guide to ensure the quality and reliability of each result.Serial Number - Chickering Foundation Antique upright piano, not assembled, W. Bell & Co. serial No 2085. C $100.00; or Best Offer; Pickup only: Free The serial numbers for Howard pianos manufactured from 1959-1968 were for vertical pianos made in the Conway, Arkansas factory for Baldwin pianos. The Howard pianos were offered as a more affordable option to some of the expensive and higher-end Baldwin pianos. Oak Baldwin-Hamilton Upright Piano. July 1, 2020 by Toby Hamilton. Manufacturer: Baldwin Model: Hamilton Serial #: 474086 Year: 1999 Length: 44 1/2″ Finish: Satin Oak Price: $2,495.00 Price New: $9,265.00 Savings: $6,770. Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Works Aeolian: Traditionally, Aeolian pianos have the serial number stamped on the back of the piano. Autophone: The serial number is located next to the tuning pegs in most models. Baldwin: The number is usually found on a brass plate located between the tenor and bass strings. 2000 = 1858. 3000 = 1860. 5000 = 1861. 7000 = 1863. 9000 = 1864. 11000 = 1865. 13000 = 1866. 15000 = 1867. 17000 = 1868. Once you know the name brand of your piano, you will need to find the serial number. Step 1: The serial number is usually found on the plate of the piano between the bass and tenor strings. It can also be found on the top of the piano when you open the lid on Upright Pianos. You are looking for a number like those shown here.Baldwin-Hamilton Chicago upright piano for sale The serial number on the piano dates it to be approx 1916-1917 as the year for manufacturing. The piano is actually in good shape. It does need to be tuned and there are a couple keys that need to be repaired, and it needs to be tuned as I am not sure when it was tuned last. NY, LA, & SF Used Steinway Pianos Store. Buy or Sell a Steinway Piano. Price & Cost Guide. Pre-Owned Steinway Grand Pianos Sales, Featured WSJ & NY Times Piano Age Calculator - how old my piano is? We believe that our work is important for piano owners and lovers. If you find our application useful, please support our work with a donation. To locate the serial number on a vertical piano, open the top and look inside. Almost all of them include the serial number on the plate in a small "window" near the tuning pins. The number will usually be a 4 to 7 digit number, but may include a letter or two.
This is a stunning antique upright piano that has been in my family for 30yrs. It is in super condition. Serial number 15814.

Sep 30, 2009 · Baldwin's sales force was geared to pianos and organs. Baldwin also discovered the unforeseen cost of import tariffs. The tariffs were much higher on completed guitars than on containers of components. In 1966 Baldwin began having the Burns factory bring the guitars to a state of semi-finish, but not final assembled.

ASTIN WEIGHT VERTICAL PIANOS: BLUEBOOK : ACROSONIC CONSOLE PIANOS: BLUEBOOK #375 Italian Walnut: $ 2.460 #4014 Mahogany: $ 1.660 #375 lacquer: $ 2.640 #4011 Walnut: $ 1.700

Baldwin Pianos: Modern Times Baldwin purchased the Wurlitzer and Chickering names in 1988, but in 2008, both names ceased production. Samick (Korea) manufactured pianos with the DH Baldwin name in the 1980s, as pianos were purchased by Baldwin and sold through Baldwin dealers.. Around the decade of the 1990's, the company was sold and relocated to Arkansas and Missouri.

This article is a list of piano brand names from all over the world. This list also includes names of old instruments which are no longer in production. Many of these piano brand names are "stencil pianos", which means that the company which owns the brand name is simply applying the name to a piano manufactured for them by another company,

Baldwin has licensed the Magic-Lid (formerly known as Safety-Ease) slow-close grand lid system, which is now standard on the 5′ 10″ model BP178 and the 6′ 3″ model BP190. Baldwin sells an electronic player-piano system called ConcertMaster, available only on Baldwin pianos. Warranty: 10 years, parts and labor, to the original purchaser.

Quality for the price, it can't be beat. I have tuned hundreds of pianos and the tone quality of a Yamaha grand is unsurpassed. Next is Kawai, Young Chang, maybe Samick (because of warranty), and then Baldwin (top of the line only).

Oak Baldwin-Hamilton Upright Piano. July 1, 2020 by Toby Hamilton. Manufacturer: Baldwin Model: Hamilton Serial #: 474086 Year: 1999 Length: 44 1/2″ Finish: Satin Oak Price: $2,495.00 Price New: $9,265.00 Savings: $6,770.

I worked for the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company for several years so I feel qualified to answer this question. The Baldwin Acrosonic (meaning supreme tone) piano was the name given to the Baldwin firm’s top-of-the-line spinet (36 inches high) and... Nowadays there are enough trade name laws that make it very difficult to get away with this. And during the first 20 years of the 1900's well known makers like Baldwin and Steinway tried to get the government to pass a law to stop this disturbing practice. And force the makers to put their name on their pianos. Sadly their efforts failed. In 1959, Baldwin constructed a new piano manufacturing plant in Conway, Arkansas, originally to manufacture upright pianos: by 1973, the company had built 1,000,000 upright pianos. In 1961 Baldwin constructed a new piano factory in Greenwood Mississippi. Trademark details for baldwin owned by GIBSON BRANDS, INC. classified under Musical instruments.. ... pianos Serial Number: 90191380. Mark: BALDWIN.